My photographs from our session are iconic — more beautiful, masterful and raw than any others taken in my career.
— Laura Beckner, Actress/Director, L.A./Berlin
Found myself caught through Jakub´s lens today. Leaving me with a hint of magic and a spinning head. If a soul can sing it does before his eyes.
— Isolda Dychauk, Actress, Berlin

Jakub Kotrc

Jakub Kotrc was born in 1985 in Germany with Czech-German parentage. When he was 11 years old he started to learn about classic photography, fascinated with the chemical processing of silver gelatin prints. 

As he was getting serious, digital photography was on the rise and for a while he worked with a digital camera. But he never felt the same craftsmanship or uniqueness that was present in his analog experience. Jakub realized he needed to go back to his roots and focus on rich portraiture photography, on film.

Jakub shoots his portraiture on film in his Berlin studio.  Portraits from his sessions have been used for actor headshots, unique lifecycle prints, sed cards, editorial series and more.

His analog processing is precise and handmade. From preparation to film development to the finished product, every step of the photo printing process is executed with the same set of hands, the photographer himself. Digital copies are possible if the client requests them.

Jakub also sells limited edition travel photography film prints. These stunning and personal photographs let us peer through his adventurer's lens and experience his journeys throughout the world.